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Scheduled outings and available dates for regular outings through June 2024:

Prospective new members: Don't be misled if our schedule is sparse. We have an outing virtually every week, sometimes two, but our leaders tend to wait till a few days before to decide where to go and post their outings, especially when the weather is changeable. View the Canes Journal to see our recent outings.

May 23, 2024   No outing yet scheduled

May 24, 2024, Friday   Bonus   Jay Mountain Combo Hike   Rating: Moderate/Difficult   Pete Jr. and Chris Fedorick   Email Pete Jr   WX

Simply put, Jay Mountain is a super nice hike. Located about 7 miles NE of the intersection of Rt 73 and 9N in the Town of Jay, the primary feature of this hike is the mountain’s 1.5-mile open ridge, offering panoramic views of the Lake Champlain Valley, the Greens of Vermont, the High Peaks and the surrounding mountains and valleys. Considered by most as a challenging hike, it is being offered as two separate hikes starting at the same time, with different goals, allowing participants of varying abilities to enjoy the mountain. Peter Sr. will lead the first group at a slower pace than the main group for 2.4 miles and an accumulated gain of about 1800 feet from the trailhead to the first overlook. The 360° view from the overlook is spectacular. At the overlook, they will enjoy a leisurely lunch while some of the group may decide to explore the nearby ridge, not venturing too far. Since this is their goal they will return to the trailhead from here.

Chris and I (Pete Jr), leading the second group, will reach the overlook before Peter Sr.’s group and, after a short visit, will continue along the open ridgeline, enjoying the expansive views, for an additional 1.1 miles and gaining another 450 feet to the “Big Cairn” where we will have lunch. After lunch, those wishing to go to the very interesting true summit will hike an additional 1.0 miles RT to a point only one foot higher but which offers terrific views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. The “Cairn Group” will wait for the summit group unless someone volunteers to sweep a group back down. Anyone remaining at the “Big Cairn” will rejoin the summit group for the final sweep back down.

To put the hike in perspective, the hike to the open ridgeline is similar to Hurricane Mtn in trail conditions, distance, and ascent. A tad bit more maybe. The total hiking distance for the second group is about 8.2 miles RT and a total accumulated gain of about 2600 feet. Since there are two separate hiking groups it is important to decide ahead of time which hike you would like to attend and make sure that you carpool from CTL with those going on the same hike, as arrival times back at CTL will most likely be different. Also, please contact me if you are interested in hiking the longer route or have any questions about either hike. This would not be a commitment but would give me an idea of the interest.

Meet at CTL at 7:30 for departure at 7:45; or the High Peaks Rest Area at 8:35ish; or at the trailhead at 9:15ish. A short stop at the Stewart’s in Keene is planned immediately before proceeding to the trailhead.

May 30, 2024   Regular   Swede Mountain and Deer Leap Hikes   Rating: Moderate   Steve Mackey and Leo Demers   L 518-654-8042   Email Steve   Email Leo   WX

We came up with two fairly easy hikes that aren’t too long a drive, and both have good views. First, we will hike Swede Mountain, located off Rt 8 about 13 miles E of Exit 25 of the Northway. It has a fire tower that was reopened to the public a couple of years ago. It’s a round trip distance of 2.1 miles and a gain of 262 feet. When it first opened, the brain trust of Peter, Tim Ward, and I (Steve) figured out how to build the trail up the first steep hill. Then I spent many days building steps and fixing some of the wet areas. Most of the year the trail is dry, but if we get a lot of rain, it could be muddy in a couple of sections. Bring appropriate footwear if we’ve had a lot of rain beforehand. Lunch will be at a location TBD on the day of the hike, dependent upon the time we complete the Swede Mtn hike. Rest assured it will have a nice view!

The next hike will be to Deer Leap located at the northern end of the Tongue Mountain Range. The trailhead is only a 13-mile drive from the Swede Mtn trailhead and on the way home so it is convenient for this double hike. It’s a 3.5-mile round trip with a gain of 767 feet. The traditional overlook is starting to become overgrown, but the last time we were there, a gentleman told us about a better overlook and gave us the coordinates. It’s a bit shorter, so the mileage will be a little less. Most of this trail is really pleasant. There are a lot of open woods with plenty of oak trees. The Glens Fall-Saratoga Chapter of ADK takes care of this trail, and we were in here a couple of weeks ago, cutting blowdown and making water bars. As far as I know, it should be nice and dry.

Meet at CTL at 8:30 for departure at 8:45 or the Horicon Community Center at 9:15ish, located on Rt 8 about 2 miles E of exit 25 of the Northway on the R, across from Mill Pond, for a brief stop (bathrooms available) or the Rt 8 trailhead, located on the R about 10 miles E of the Community Center, at 9:30ish. If you have any questions please contact either one of us.

Jun 6, 2024   Alternate   Saratoga Battlefield Historical Walk-About on the Wilkinson Trail   Rating: Easy   Denis Foley   518-330-8479   Email Denis   WX   Saratoga Battlefield Info

A favorite hike for many of us the Wilkinson Trail at the Saratoga National Historic Park (Battlefield) is a lollipop-shaped trail that follows the same path where soldiers marched to and from battle, named after British Lieutenant William Wilkinson who mapped the path in 1777. Beginning at the Saratoga National Battlefield Visitor Center we will hike the Wilkinson Trail at a leisurely pace over gentle slopes around the northern section of the battlefield for a total distance of around 3 miles. Along the way, we will make stops at various interpretive stations. We should be back at the visitor center by 1 pm where we will have lunch. After lunch, depending on the wishes of the group, we could opt to visit the Saratoga Monument, about a ten-minute drive from the Battlefield.

Meet at the Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center (VC) at 10 am. For information on the Wilkinson Trail and directions to the Battlefield please click on the Info link above. For those of you who have access to a GPS, the address is 648 Route 32, Stillwater, NY 12170. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Jun 13, 2024   No outing yet scheduled

Jun 20, 2024   No outing yet scheduled

Jun 27, 2024   No outing yet scheduled