The Crooked Canes Video Clips

Short CC outing videos. Feel free to email us short clips along with "who, what, where, when" information.
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#1766 6/20/19 Zim Smith Bike
 A lovely cascade along the Zim Smith Trail.  Posted by Eric
#1762  5/23/19  Beaver Meadow & Rainbow Falls
We've all heard Peter bellowing "Make it up on the flats, Linda" and have a pretty good idea why she snarls.  Here, finally is an instructional video in which he LOVINGLY demonstrates the strut, pauses momentarily and does it again for good measure.  Or maybe this is really a Whitehall Bigfoot video. Who knows. Is there a difference?  Posted by Kurt
#1762  5/23/19  Beaver Meadow & Rainbow Falls
At Beaver Meadow Falls, a welcome breeze kept the bugs away we were occasionally refreshed by misty by spray even quite a distance away.   Posted by Kurt
#1762  5/23/19  Beaver Meadow & Rainbow Falls
A nice flow over Rainbow Falls.  Posted by Kurt
#1762  5/23/19  Beaver Meadow & Rainbow Falls 
Wedge Brook Falls, along the West River Trail below Buttermilk Falls.  Posted by Kurt