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September 15   #22-1887    Regular/A-Team!/ALT outings may be available.
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September 22   #22-1888    Regular/A-Team!/ALT outings may be available.
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September 29   #22-1889    Poke-O-Moonshine Hike Steve Mackey   518-793-6484   WX
   The last time we hiked this, we hiked up the “Observer’s Trail” and down the “Ranger’s Trail”. The first trail is longer and gentler, and is a nice way to climb up, and the Ranger’s Trail is steeper with a lot of awesome stone steps, so it’s a good trail to climb down. The Poke-o-Moonshine friends group recently had a lot of rocks flown up to the upper mountain and they have been busy building more steps on the upper mountain this summer. I consider the Ranger Trail to be one of the best designed trails in the Adirondacks, so it’s always a pleasure to see what they have constructed lately. We will spot a couple cars at the Ranger trailhead. We basically drive by it on the way, so it won’t take long. The Observers trail is 2.4 miles up, with a gain of around 1,500 feet. The Ranger Trail is roughly 1.5 miles, so our total mileage is around 4 miles. The mountain has a fire tower on it, though it sounds like the cab might not be open right now. There is a good view even without going up it, so if you want to, you can just relax on the rocks. Or we can just go up the tower to one of the landings. Should be a nice hike, and we will probably have some nice fall colors. Meet at CTL at 8:30 for a departure at 8:45 or the High Peaks Rest Area at 9:35ish.   Map   ALT or A-TEAM!  ???

October 6   #22-1890   Loop Hike From Lake Bonita in Moreau Lake State Park    Bill Bechtel  518-399-1206   WX
  Using the latest Moreau Lake State Park (MLSP) hiking trails map (link in title, above) we are going to hike from the Lake Bonita trailhead on Wilton Mountain Road to Junction 21 and then onto Junction 20 on the LB trail. From here we will take the LA trail to Junction 9 on the ER trail and then to Junction 13 on the WR trail. Proceeding along the WR trail to Junction 23, we then take the WT trail to Junction 22. This puts us back on the LB trail for a loop hike back to Junction 21 and to the Lake Bonita trailhead parking lot. The distance is 5.4 miles with a Garmin measured ascent of 925 feet. This is a very nice hike for the topography and mature forest along the way. We will also take a 0.4 mile side hike to an overlook of the Hudson River. Meet at the Lake Bonita parking lot of Moreau State Park at 10:00 - located 2 miles west of Rt. 9 on the north side of Wilton-Corinth Road or 3.8 miles west of Northway Exit 16.    Map  ALT or A-TEAM!  ???

October 13   #22-1891   New York/Sandgate VT Bike    Ken Gericke   518-223-2599   WX
  An 18 mile bike beginning at the SR 313 NY/VT canoe access on the Battenkill River, and continuing in a clockwise loop to Sandgate Vermont. Lunch will be in the scenic hamlet of Sandgate. The route continues, mostly downhill, returning to SR 313, crossing the Arlington Covered Bridge to East River Rd, then back to SR 313 and to our start in NY. Meet at McDonald's in Greenwich at 9:15 or at the canoe access noted above at 10:00ish. This is a beautiful ride through some rural valleys of Washington County, NY and Vermont, quite remote with approximately 1/2 of the route on hard packed dirt roads. While the route can be pedaled with a touring/narrow-wheeled bike, a hybrid or even a mountain bike might be more appropriate. There are some hills, with a gradual elevation g ain of approx. 700' then a long well-earned downhill to Sandgate. The Adirondack ezRiders will be invited to join us on this ride. Non-bikers should consider offering either a paddle or hike as an alternate (ALT) to this bike ride.   Map   ALT or A-TEAM!  ???

October 13    ALT    Stonewall Trail Hike       Lenore and Jack Reber   L. 518-859-8555   J.    518-791-4707     WX
  To         It has been several years since the Canes have hiked Moreau Lake State Park's Stonewall Trail so it long overdue. The trail, appropriately named for the large number of stone walls and foundations located nearby, is 3+ miles long with ~500’ gain over rolling terrain. Along the way there will be views of the Hudson River and of the Spier Falls Dam from a new perspective for most of you. This will be a leisurely hike with lunch at a location to be determined the day of the hike. The trailhead is located at the end of Hawk Rd. which is a dead end road off of Call St (CR 32/Corinth Rd.) ~4 miles east of the Village of Corinth. We will meet at the TH at 10:00. Please contact with any questions. Directions via Corinth: From the intersection of Rt. 9N (Main St) and River St. (across from Tops) proceed E on River St., over the bridge crossing the Hudson, for .7 miles and turn R on CR32/Call St. Continue on CR32/Call St. for 3.2 miles and turn R on Hawk Rd. Continue on Hawk Rd. for .4 miles to the end of the pavement to the opened gate. Continue on the trailhead access road for .4 miles to the parking lot on the L and the TH. The dirt/stone road is a little rough but passable except by low clearance vehicles. If you prefer, please make arrangements to park at the beginning of Hawk Road and carpool the remaining distance. Directions from Exit 18 of the Northway: From Exit 18 proceed W on Corinth Rd./CR28 for 6.4 miles and turn L on Hawk Rd. and follow directions above to the TH. FYI CR32 and CR28 is the same road but the number changes near Hawk Rd.   Map   A TEAM  ???

October 20   #22-1892    Regular/A-Team!/ALT outings may be available.
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October 27   #22-1893    Regular/A-Team!/ALT outings may be available.
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