To submit a new outing or change an existing one just click "Continue."  A pre-addressed email will pop up.  Include all necessary details as outlined below plus anything else on your mind.  Optionally, copy the information below to your email for use as a guide as you compose.

    Outing Type: (Regular, A-TEAM!, Bonus, Alternate), preferred date(s)
    Contact Information: leader names, home and cell phone numbers, email
    Meeting places & times; CTL, somewhere else, multiple places, including meeting times
    Outing Description: length; vertical rise; trail/bushwhack condition, e.g. generally flat, steep
           sections, nice smooth easy walking, etc.; type of water body; road conditions,
           nice/interesting/scary features,  e.g views, waterfalls, ponds, old buildings,
           caves, history, difficulty rating, etc.
Help And Answers: whatever information you need, aren't sure of, e.g. should this be a
           through hike, when / where should we meet, should we bring snow shoes, spikes,
           etc. is available.  Just ask for advice in your email.  Chances are, we'll have questions
           for you and be in'll get it.

It may take a few seconds for your email program to start and an email to pop up. Hang in there.