The Crooked Canes
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Blue Ledge Hike
July, 2015

Lens Lake Paddle
July, 2014

Starbuckville Bike
July, 2013

LaChute River
August, 2015

"Lake Lenore"
August, 2014

Cat / Thomas Hike
August 2013

~ Our Schedules Past And Present ~
Hooray, It's Summer At Last And Time For Some Hot Fun!!!

July and August sure can be a lot of fun!  Hot days, warm nights, shorts, sandals, light shirts, and pleasurable swimming paint rose colored memories.  Keeping those memories rosy rather than black requires one to remember  summer also includes weather that can be entirely too hot, humid and stormy.  And some of our company will be a host of necessary critters out enjoying life just like us but whose interests are just a little different.  Summer storms, bees, ticks, all kinds of bugs, poisonous plants & snakes, over heating, hydration and food spoilage can all be rain on your parade. And don't forget that it can still get pretty chilly on occasion, especially on the water or at high elevation and hail is possible any time as are snow and sleet, especially in August.  Keep your memories rosy: be prepared!

Be Ready For Summer Weather!!!

During July and August, keeping cool, hydrated and not burning in the sun are one's most important concerns. Thunder storms are sure to occur and wintery conditions are not out of the question, especially at higher elevations.  Be prepared to enjoy warm weather safely and comfortably on our outings.  Check your boats, pfds, paddles, bikes,  insect repellant, sun screen, hot weather clothing, footwear and hydration gear.  Refresh your knowledge of warm weather illness symptoms, treatment and avoidance.  You or someone you help may appreciate your preparedness one day.

Warm & Hot Weather Illness        Practical Survival Guidelines

Lightning:  Strike Avoidance     First Aid

Trails may be slippery, rocky, steep, wet, icy, debris covered and may run along or over cliffs. Bushwhacks have more hazards. Lakes, streams, swamps and rivers have variable water levels, flow rates and ice conditions from hour to hour, day to day and from place to place. There may be extreme heat, lightning, hail, rain, flash flooding, snow, freezing rain, severe cold and dangerous wind. Adequate water may be scarce.

Always have a reasonable plan, determine as accurately as possible as many details as you can and be sure someone else knows your plan. At all times of the year, the window of survivability outdooors is reduced by adverse weather. As conditions change (anticipated or not) be prepared with appropriate gear. Whatever the hazard, every participant always assumes full responsibility for his/her own safety during a Crooked Canes outing.

Always carry maps and a compass and know how to use them!

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Before scheduling a Bonus Outing, please read the guidelines on the Traditions page.