The Crooked Canes
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Peebles Island
May, 2016

Merck Forest
May, 2015

Hudson River Paddle
May, 2014

The Pinnacle
June, 2016

Bird Mountain
June, 2015

Beaver Meadow Falls
June, 2014

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May Temperatures May Roller Coaster; June Is Usually Fairly Gentle, BUT
Always Be Prepared For Anything And Everything!

May is another month when weather can vary significantly from one day to the next. We've all replanted our gardens in late May after an unexpected freeze.  Though a paddle outing probably won't turn into a showshoe, temperatures in the teens are not unheard of and neither are highs of 90. 

June's weather being generally pleasant is a pretty safe bet, though it can be cool and wet, electrical storms become more likely and some clouds are black flies. 

When going on any outing, keep a close eye on weather forecasts specific to where you plan to go.  Look closely at hourly details of at least two forecasts. It pays to be good at reading  and comparing location / time specific forecasts, observing differences between them and remembering that the forecast you read is based on the best knowledge available at the time it was written and can quickly change, especially with regard to timing. Use them as general guide along with your knowledge of an area's weather patterns and your intuition.  At home, in your car or on the trail, plan for and be ready for the worst!

Get Ready For Warm Weather!!!
But keep in mind, winter conditions can and do occur occasionally!

Though May and June signal the beginning of consistently warmer weather, winter conditions can still occur, especially at higher elevations.  It can be 10 degrees one day and 80 the next.  Thunder storms are pretty sure to occur.  It's time to think seriously about - and prepare for - warm weather safety and comfort on our outings. It's time to check your boats, pfds, paddles, bikes,  insect repellant, sun screen, warm weather clothing, footwear and hydration gear.  Refresh your knowledge of warm weather illness symptoms, treatment and avoidance.  You or someone you know may appreciate your help one day.

Warm & Hot Weather Illness         Practical Survival Guidelines

Lightning:  Strike Avoidance    First Aid

Trails may be slippery, rocky, steep, wet, icy, debris covered and may run along or over cliffs. Bushwhacks have more hazards. Lakes, streams, swamps and rivers have variable water levels, flow rates and ice conditions from hour to hour, day to day and from place to place. There may be extreme heat, lightning, hail, rain, flash flooding, snow, freezing rain, severe cold and dangerous wind. Adequate water may be scarce.

Always have a reasonable plan, determine as accurately as possible as many details as you can and be sure someone else knows your plan. At all times of the year, the window of survivability outdoors is reduced by adverse weather. As conditions change (anticipated or not) be prepared with appropriate gear. Whatever the hazard, every participant always assumes full responsibility for his/her own safety during a Crooked Canes outing.

Always carry maps and a compass and know how to use them!

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