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YES!  Days Are Getting Longer And Spring Is Coming!

March and April are transitional months leading into spring.  Either one may have periods of very wintery weather (time to go out and have fun winter hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, skating, ice fishing, fat tire biking, curling and the most fun of all, shoveling our roofs, walks and driveways!)  and also periods when warm weather conditions send us hunting for short sleeve shirts, shorts and sandals. Keep in mind that cold weather and storms during these months create circumstances we need to pay serious attention to and be prepared for. There may be days when we need to be prepared for what is essentially summer weather as well.  The best part is having to be prepared for both, one on the heels of the other and it does happen.  Temperatures may invite light clothing, snow may be mostly gone, water levels are average and suddenly the forecast indicates the possibility of hard rain with potential flooding followed by major snowfall, cold temperatures and wind.  Also important to keep in mind is that ice, thick and safe "just last week" will, sooner or later, turn into a death trap.  Even after ice is gone, keep in mind that no matter how nice the day is, water temperature will be low and survival in it short.  Have fun - and be aware.

Be Prepared For Winter Weather, Summer Weather
And Everything In Between!

 Always keep in mind that, depending upon where you are, weather and circumstances can quickly change from glorious to dangerous. Will you be prepared? Refresh yourself on layering clothing, add hand warmers, fire starters, dry clothing and emergency overnight gear to your packs.  Learn to read hourly weather forecasts specific to areas you plan to visit.  Planning your day around viewing of the morning's Albany forecast for 30 degrees, light wind and clear sky is likely to make for an uncomfortable or even perilous day in the High Peaks. 

Refresh your memory on: 

Hypothermia     Frostbite     Winter Survival Skills

Read:   DEC's Winter Hiking Safety Tips

Read:   DEC'S "Lost In The Woods" Brochure

Read About:   Cold Water Survival Times You may be VERY surprised!

Trails may be slippery, rocky, steep, wet, icy, debris covered and may run along or over cliffs. Bushwhacks have more hazards. Lakes, streams, swamps and rivers have variable water levels, flow rates and ice conditions from hour to hour, day to day and from place to place. There may be extreme heat, lightning, hail, rain, flash flooding, snow, freezing rain, severe cold and dangerous wind. Adequate water may be scarce.

Always have a reasonable plan, determine as accurately as possible as many details as you can and be sure someone else knows your plan. At all times of the year, the window of survivability outdooors is reduced by adverse weather. As conditions change (anticipated or not) be prepared with appropriate gear. Whatever the hazard, every participant always assumes full responsibility for his/her own safety during a Crooked Canes outing.

Always carry maps and a compass and know how to use them!

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