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Stuff That's For Sale

FOR SALE: A set of gently used mooring whips. $200 Contact Kim Brown by phone, text or email.

FOR SALE: Lightly used 31"Northern Lites snowshoes.  Very good condition.  New price: EMS $169; Amazon: $229; The Gear Exchange:$110.  Contact Don McMahon by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Women’s Trek carbon frame bike: paid $2,200 last year, will sell for $1,000. Speed and endurance come together beautifully aboard Trek's Silque S. Making it happen are race-winning Trek technologies like IsoSpeed, women's geometry, and of course, Trek's renowned OCLV carbon frame. Contact Donna Wescott by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Get free local TV programming. This antenna, with an 80-100 mile range is perfect for a person in the right location. The Channel Master EXTREMEtenna is bundled with mounting hardware, coax cable and a powerful amplifier. Can be mounted indoors or outdoors. At about 3' x 3', it's likely that it will fit in your attic. Very slightly used for testing.  Retail on this package is $239 + shipping + tax but available for less than most people pay for one month of cable TV.  Contact Kurt Wisell (for Don McMahon) by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Pair of Raleigh Sprite 26" bicycles, 10-speed, mens and ladies, bought in 1974. Price: best offer takes them. Contact Marjory & Don Moeller by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Uni Cycle. It has a 24” tire, an adjustable seat and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION as it has never, ever been used! $50.00  Once you get your balance back after seeing this good deal, contact Karen Lopiccolo-Barnish by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Yakama Spareride Bike Rack . Mounts on rear external spare tire, carries 2 bikes. $60.00 Contact Karen Lopiccolo-Barnish by phone or email.

FOR SALE: I have decided to clean my closet of camping gear. I am selling tents, stoves, water purifiers, otter boxes, down pants, etc. If there is anything you need I may have it. Prices? Your guess might be as good as mine, so get in touch and we'll talk about that. Contact Paul Alpert by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Hammock.  It is free standing, has a carry case and includes a pillow. Perfect for that idyllic camp site you're dreaming about. $30.00  Ann Wait by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Cargo area cage/fence for 2010 and later Subaru Outback. $50 or best offer. Contact Mike Marsh by phone or email.

FOR SALE: Paddle Leashes: one by Seals (retail price was $16.95 at EMS, now out of stock) and one by SeaToSummit (retail price at EMS $24.95).  They can be yours for $5.00 each.  Contact Diane Wisell by phone or email.

Stuff To Pass Along (for free!) Or To Trade
YOUR AD SHOULD BE HERE! It's an easy way to clean out your closet, garage, cellar or attic of too-good-to-toss outdoor gear!  If you can get around to sending an email with a photo or two (optional) and a description of what it is you'd like someone else to have, POOF! you'll have some room!  The last Cane to have an ad here gave away a ton of stuff she thought she'd NEVER get rid of --- and more she hadn't even advertised!

Stuff I Really Would Like To Have
YOUR AD SHOULD BE HERE!  Everybody needs something and maybe someone you know has been itching to get rid of what to you would be gold, either for free, as a trade or for cash.  Put in a listing and find out! Doesn't cost much to find out does it?