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Wednesday, November 18, DATE, 7:00 pm    Hiking Hadrian's Wall   -  Posted by: Peter Fedorick
Fellow Canes, Lenore & Jack Reber are presenting a photo-program of their 2019 hiking trip of Hadrian’s Wall, England on November 18th at 7 pm as part of the ADK-GFS Chapter Programs. Unlike previous programs which were held at either the Crandall Library in Glens Falls or the Saratoga Springs Library this program will be a ZOOM presentation. It may seem a little early to let you know about this program but perhaps you can use the time to learn more about ZOOM and what you need to do in order to participate. In the meantime please click HERE for additional information, to register and to see the current ADK-GFS calendar of events.

..... and here's a follow up:
Lenore & Jack Reber presented a “Zoom” photo-program of their 2019 hiking trip of Hadrian’s Wall, England on November 18th, 2020 as part of the ADK-GFS Chapter Program. Built by Roman emperor Hadrian in AD 122, the path extends for 84 miles near the border with Scotland. Ruins of the wall and Roman fortifications highlighted their 120 mile walk in 13 days with excellent weather and accommodations.

In case you weren’t able to watch the presentation on the 18th the Saratoga Library recoded it and has made it available on YouTube – RIGHT HERE, in its entirety.  Just click and off you go to Merry Olde England.  If you would like to comment on or have questions about the presentation please contact Lenore and Jack.